Semester – II : Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

List of equipment:

Polygon Law of Forces apparatus
Equilibrium Force apparatus
Friction force apparatus (for rolling friction)
Friction force apparatus (for sliding friction)
Parallel force apparatus
Screw Jack
Bell Crank Lever apparatus

Engineering Mechanics Laboratory Demonstration Videos

Experiment No. 1 Law of Polygon Of Forces Apparatus.

Experiment No. 3 Rolling Friction Apparatus

Semester – III :  Material Testing Laboratory  (ME-305)

List of equipment:

Rockwell Hardness Test apparatus
Brinell Hardness Test apparatus
Pendulum Impact Test apparatus
Compression Testing Machine
Torsion Test apparatus
Universal Testing Machine

Semester – III :  Thermodynamics Laboratory (ME-306)

List of equipment:

Single Cylinder Horizontal 4-stroke diesel engine

Semester – IV :  Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (ME-406)

List of equipment:

Redwood Viscometer
Bernoulli’s apparatus
Apparatus for loss co-efficient in pipe fittings
Orifice meter & Venturimeter apparatus
Reynolds’ apparatus

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Demonstration Videos

Experiment No. 5 Flow through Venturimeter and Orificemeter.

Semester – V :  Dynamics of Machines Laboratory (ME-506)

List of equipment:

Universal Governor Apparatus (Watt Governor/ Porter Governor/Proell Governor/ Hartnell Governor
Compound Pendulum Apparatus
Torsional Pendulum Apparatus
Helical Spring Apparatus
Journal Bearing Apparatus
Coriolis Component Apparatus
Cam Analysis Apparatus
Balancing Apparatus

Semester – V :  Production Process Laboratory (ME-507)

List of equipment:

Tool grinder
Turret Lathe
CZ Tool Maker’s Microscope
HMT precision lathe type NH 26/1000

Production Process Laboratory Demonstration Videos

Experiment No. 1  Sharpening of a single point cutting tool. 

Semester – V :  Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory (ME-508)

List of equipment:

Stephen-Boltzmann apparatus
Heat transfer from a pin-fin apparatus
Heat transfer through lagged pipe apparatus
Heat transfer through composite wall apparatus
Emissivity measurement apparatus
Thermal conductivity of insulating powder
Heat transfer in natural convection apparatus
Heat transfer in forced convection apparatus
Critical heat flux apparatus

Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory Demonstration Videos

Experiment No: 1 Heat transfer through composite walls apparatus.

Experiment: 2 Emissivity measurement apparatus.

Experiment No: 3 Thermal conductivity of insulating powder.

Experiment No: 4 Heat transfer in natural convection.

Experiment No: 5 Critical heat flux apparatus.

Experiment No: 6 Heat transfer through lagged pipe apparatus.

Out of Syllabus Laboratory

Fluid Machinery Laboratory

List of equipment:

Impact of vanes apparatus
Pelton wheel water turbine
Centrifugal pump test rig
Reciprocating pump test rig