Date : 11-06-2018 : One day talk

One Day Technical Talk on “Advanced Surveying and Intelligent Transportation System” Organised by Civil Engineering Department of Jorhat Engineering College.  ................. A report


Date : 11-06-2018 : Twinning activity

Visit to Malnad College of Engineering by the Principal, JEC ....... A report


Date: 08-06-2018 : One day talk


One Day Talk On “ Recent Trends In Start-Up Activities” Organised By Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Jorhat Engineering College, Assam................. A report


Date : 07-06-2018 to 11-06-2018 : Five Days Workshop

Five-Day Workshop on “Big Data Analytics and Cloud computing” organized by Computer Science and Engineering Department of Jorhat Engineering College................ A report


Date : 06-06-2018 : One Day Talk 

One Day Talk on Latest Development on Solar Energy Technology by Mechanical Engineering Department, JEC                A report



Date : 04-06-2018 to 05-06-2018  : Two days talk

Two Days Technical Talk on “Earthquake Engineering: Codal Provisions and Practices” Organised by Civil Engineering Department of Jorhat Engineering College.      A report


Date : 24-05-2018 : Twinning Activity

Visit of the expert team from Malnad College of Engineering to fine tune the SAR prepared by the Instrumentation Engineering Department, J.E.C.                 A report ....

 Date : 07-05-2018 to 17-05-2018 : 2 Weeks Faculty Induction Program

2 weeks faculty induction program on Outcome Based Education at Jorhat Engineering College by NITTTR, Kolkata      A report


Date : 04-05-2018 : Industrial Visit by Instrumentation Engineering Department

One day TEQIP -III sponsored industrial visit to Numaligarh Refinery Limited     A report .......


Date: 02-05-2018 to 03-05-2018 : 2 Days workshop on MATLAB

2 days workshop on Advanced MATLAB and its Application at Instrumentation Engg Dept. Jorhat Engineering College      A report ...

Date : 25-04-2018 to 28-04-2018: : Twinning Program (Short Term Program)

A short term program with hands on trainingon to both student and faculty on Foundations of Robotics, Automation and Finite Element Analysis by Mentor Institute under twinning program at Mechanical Engineering Department, Jorhat Engineering College    A report .....

 Date : 26-03-2018 to 27-03-2018 : 2 days Workshop

2 days workshop on Signal Processing, Image Processing, Computer Vision and its Application at Electrical Engg Dept. Jorhat Engineering College     A report

Date : 24-03-2018 : 1 day talk

1 day talk on Control system Hierarchy and Safety Instrumentated System (SIS) - A perceptive to industrial safety Instrumentation Engineering at Jorhat Engineering College      A Report .....

 Date : 23-03-2018 to 24-03-2018 : Twinning Program (Academic Audit)

 Workshop on Academic Audit and NBA preparation by Mentor Institute under twinning program at Jorhat Engineering College from 23-03-2018 to 24-03-2018:     A report .....

 Date : 23-03-2018: 1 day workshop

1 day workshop on Electrical Safety Acts, Regulations and its implementation in industries at Electrical Engg Dept. Jorhat Engineering College

A report ....

 Date : 15-03-2018 to 16-03-2018 : Startup Activity

Startup Activity Program on : Idea Generation "Ideathon-2K18" at  Jorhat Engineering College      A report ...

Date : 21-02-2018 : Startup Activity

One day interaction program on “Industry Readiness and Employability” at Jorhat Engineering College by Mridu Mohendra Das, Founder and CEO , Automovill        A report ...

Date : 09-02-2018 to 10-02-2018 : Twinning Program

As a part of twinning program under TEQIP-III, six faculty members of Jorhat Engineering College has visited Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, Karnataka.     A report....

 Date : 29-01-2018 to 01-02-2018 : Twinning Program (NBA workshop)

 Training and Initiation of NBA accreditation process for the faculty members of Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat-785007, Assam by the faculty of mentor college (Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan) under Twinning Program.                A report ......

 Date : 24-01-2018 to 30-01-2018 : Induction Program :

Jorhat Engineering College, Assam has conducted a week long Induction Program for the first year students of 4-year Bachelor of Engineering Degree course from 24th January 2018 to 30th January 2018. The inauguration function of the program took place at the College Auditorium on 24th January 2018.

A report ......

 Date : 15-11-2017 to 17-11-2017 : Twinning Program

Dr. N.S. Jyothi (TEQIP Coordinator) and Dr. K.S. Jayantha (Principal), Maland College of Engineering, Hassan has visited Jorhat Engineering College for mentoring under twinning program.                  A report .....