Date : 25-11-2016 : Constitutional Day Celebration at Jorhat Engineering College


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Superintendent : Mr. Babul Chiring Phukon
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Phone : 9954340258
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monitors :  1. Abhigyan Bhuyan  2. Arnov Kumbang  3. Rizuwan Akib

Mess Manager: Bapan Kumar Chanda

Mess Collector: Kawarjit Karwa

Internet Incharge: Sumit Das

Library Incharge: Abdur Rouf



Beholding the legacy of 53 years from the time of its establishment in the year 1962, HOSTEL #3 also known as TRIDENT, serves as a hub of fresh talents, creative minds and clusters of enthusiastic spirits. The hostel has been named after the then superintendent Late Parag Gogoi who was the HOD of Computer Science and Engineering department.


Over the past decade TRIDENT has created milestones in various fields of excellence. Hostel#3 was the Champion in Inter hostel parade competition (in the session 2012-13) , Inter hostel volleyball competition ( in the session 2013-14) and Inter Hostel Football Tournament( in the session 2014-15).

Some other achievements for the session 2014-15 are,

1. Winning the title of the Cleanliest Hostel

2. Winning the Tent Making Competition

3. Winning the second best in Decoration Competition

4. Wining various positions in events of General Sports

5. Winning various prizes in individual sections of Inter-hostel Wall magazine Competition.


Trident is not a mere hostel; it is a place of comfort, a bond of friendship and solidarity, a promise of togetherness, a guardian of legacy, a realty of knowing life better and “A HOME FAR AWAY FROM HOME”. Students that have been a part of this legacy are now placed in different corners of the world as great engineering minds and more importantly as morale obliged social being.