Date : 25-11-2016 : Constitutional Day Celebration at Jorhat Engineering College


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Superintendent : Mr. Ajoy Krishna Dutta
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Phone :  9435050249
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


hostel5The hostel with a Victory engraved in its name. The grandest abode and the biggest boys hostel of JEC boasts of a magnificent 3-storeyed enclosed structure. The alma-mater of many esteemed personalities, this hostel has a Legacy of churning out excellence in all fields.

Established way back in 1969, this 43 year old hostel has got 68 spacious living rooms with an arrangement of 2 boarders per room unlike all the other hostels. Complete with recreational facilities like TV, Gymnasium, table-tennis, it also bestowed with modern day amenities like refrigerator, water cooler, scanner, printer etc.

The sole purpose of staying in hostel, that is, to achieve academic excellence is never compromised and the hostel savours a tradition of being a sprawling ground of achievers.

This hostel has been a ‘POWER HOUSE’ of Football, winning highest number of titles in Inter-Hostel tournaments .Bringing laurels in all other sectors of sports and cultural activities is a legacy still going strong. It is the only hostel to come up with its own Poem magazine-‘SIFUNG’, the 1st of its kind in JEC which is now widely acclaimed.

The Hostel bids adieu to its borders with a piece of memoires encased in ‘ULTERIUS’.

The Hostel is well guided by its longest serving Superintendent Dr. Plabon Kakoti whose tenure is now of a whooping consecutive 22 years.

The Hostel Monitors for the session 2012-13 are- Nabadip Kakoti, Arif Ahmed, Hriday jyoti Deka, Shyam Prakash Karwa and Subhajit Das

‘KUNHIPAAT’-the hostel display magazine .The pen drop, the art palette of our hostel where imagination, creativity and colours take a giant leap, unbound.

ANGIKAAR-the hostel wall magazine is well known for portraying its best on un-annexed topics. The 2010 edition of Angikaar was highly praised by the eminent writer and editor of the well known magazine ‘XAAT-XORI’- Mrs Anuradha Sharma Pujari.

The Hostel has a saga of excellence and imparting a flamboyant attitude towards life as the verse of the hostel goes-

All Kingdoms we hail...
With the dawn we sail...
Survival is to Strive
For Four years and WE
Equal FIVE...!!!