Workshop Superintendent

Dr. Thuleswar Nath
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
Phone No. +91-9954447837

Along with the establishment of the college, a major component of the Engineering education – the WORKSHOP was established long back in 1960. Gradually, the JEC WORKSHOP grew in size and a number of Shops were added with expansion of building.



At present, the WORKSHOP consists of 9 different Shops such as:

  1. Machine Shop
  2. Welding Shop
  3. Black-Smithy Shop
  4. Automobile Shop
  5. Foundry Shop
  6. Carpentry Shop
  7. Pattern Making Shop
  8. Fitting Shop
  9. Sheet Metal Working Shop

It is rare to find such a huge Workshop with all varieties of shops in any Engineering Institutions. The functioning of the Workshop is managed by one Workshop Superintendent and one Supervisor Instructor under him. In each Shop there are Senior instructor, Junior Instructor, Operator/Mistry and Helper.

Currently, some of the Shops e.g. Welding Shop, Machine Shop, Automobile Shop, Foundry Shop and Black-Smithy Shop Have been modernized with grant from the AICTE under the MODROBS Scheme.