The department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 1987. This department has an intake capacity of 60 students. The curriculum of the department is as per AICTE norms. Computer Science and Engineering department has laboratories like programming language laboratory, database management system laboratory, basic electronics laboratory, digital system laboratory, microprocessor laboratory, web technology laboratory, embedded computing laboratory, network laboratory etc. The department has a number of servers and nodes to cater to the programming needs of the students.


The vision of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is achievement of excellence in education and research for producing quality human resources to meet the changing needs of the industry and society.


M1: To impart quality education through well-designed curriculum and academic facilities to meet the computing needs of the industry and society

M2: To inculcate the spirit of creativity, team work, innovation, entrepreneurship and professional ethics among the students

M3: To facilitate effective interactions to foster networking with alumni, industries, institutions of learning and research and other stake-holders

M4: To promote research and continuous learning in the field of Computer Science and Engineering


PEO1: Graduates will have creativity and ability to specify, design, implement, test and maintain Software systems.

PEO2: Graduates will communicate effectively, work collaboratively and exhibit high level of professionalism and ethical responsibility for pursuing a successful career in Computer Science and Engineering

PEO3: Graduates will engage in innovation and entrepreneurship

PEO4: Graduates will be able to pursue higher studies in engineering

PEO5: Graduates will have imbibed in them the spirit of research and continuous self-learning to adapt to the changing professional and societal needs