First Semester

  1. Basic Electrical Engineering Lab_1st Sem (EE102)

Third Semester

  1. Basic Electronics lab_3rd Sem (IN307)
  2. Instrumentation Lab I_3rd Sem (IN306)
  3. Object Oriented Programming Lab_3rd Sem (IN305)

Fourth Semester

  1. Digital System & Logic Design Lab_4th Sem (IN406)
  2. Electrical Machines and Applications Lab_4th Sem (IN408)
  3. Analog Integrated Circuit Lab_4th Sem (IN407)

Fifth Semester

  1. Control and DSP Lab_5th Sem (IN508)
  2. Microprocessor Lab_5th Sem (IN506)
  3. Object Oriented Programming Lab with Java_5th Sem (IN507)

Sixth Semester

  1. Instrumentation Lab II_6th sem (IN605)

Beyond the syllabus New Laboratory facility created:

  1. Virtual Instrumentation lab.