Events conducted by Mechanical Engineering Department

Date : 14-09-2018 to 15-09-2018 : 2 days workshop on Understanding Entrepreneurship

The growth of the Indian economy lies on entrepreneurs. There is a need for developing entrepreneurship among the engineering college students. In addition to the students exposed to engineering education, they should be equipped with the entrepreneurship skills through promotion schemes and program like business incubators. The business incubator program should develop young entrepreneurs. This not only offers self-employment but also teaches to earn at young age. The potential skills of the students should be identified and tap their knowledge and mould them to start their own business after their engineering education. Looking at the need of the topic the workshop on understanding entrepreneurship was organized on 14th and 15th of September,2018  in the department of mechanical engineering to make the young students understand what actually Entrepreneurship is. …….. A report

Date : 07-09-2018 to 08-09-2018 : 2 days workshop on Vibration Analysis of Rotary Components Using Modern Tools

The Prime concern of organizing the program is to familiarize the students in introducing and exploring MATLAB, FFT in the field of vibration analysis of rotary components. A two day talk program on the said title will enhance the knowledge of students in application of modern tools for finding a solution of vibration based problem for mechanical engineers. ……. A report

Date : 09-06-2018 : One Day Talk on Introduction to Finite Element Method

The talk dealt with the introduction to Finite Element Method in Engineering and its applications. Students are able to know the different steps of Finite Element Method and its application. Also student are able to write Code in MATLAB for solving basic problem of FEM. …………. A report

Date: 08-06-2018 : One day talk  Recent Trends In Start-Up Activities

Mechanical Engineering, Jorhat Engineering College has conducted a one day talk for the students of Jorhat Engineering College on 8th June 2018.The inauguration program started with the welcome speech of the Co-coordinator Diganta Kalita, Assistant Professor and faculty Dr. Thuleswar Nath, Associate Professor, MED. also felicitation of guest  have been  done.The resource person Er. Manash Chaliha, Founder of “ORGANIC MAJULI” started his talk with his brief introduction and delivered his talk on the recent trends in start-up activities and continued it for the whole day. In his speech he briefed about innovation of new ideas, procedure for registration as a Entrepreneur, Fund generation and utilization. …..A report



Mechanical Engineering Department, Jorhat Engineering College has conducted a one day talk for the students of Jorhat Engineering College on 6th June 2018. The inauguration program started with the welcome speech by Prof. Parimal Bakul Barua, HoD, Mechanical Engineering Department who felicitated him after a brief introduction of the guest. The resource person of the day Er. Ashok Kakoti started his talk with brief introduction covering the piping system all over India, the basics of corrosion, the principles of cathodic protection, and the methods to achieve protection. He provides a basic understanding of galvanic corrosion and suggests methods for controlling corrosion. He also narrated different techniques to identify corrosion on underground pipeline by using various equipment. ………………..A report

Date : 06-06-2018 : One Day Talk on Latest Development on Solar Energy Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jorhat Engineering College conducted a one day talk on “Latest Development on Solar Energy Technology” for the student of Jorhat Engineering College on 6th June 2018. The talk was organised to introduce the students to the solar energy technology and was delivered by Mr. Deepjyoti Barman, Co-founder and Director, Susconnect Lt., an MNRE empanelled Channel Partner for “Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plant Programme”. It was attended by 84 numbers of students and some faculty members. The talk was specially focused on Grid connected rooftop and small power plant programme……….. A report

Date : 25-04-2018 to 28-04-2018: : Short Term Program on Foundations of Robotics, Automation and Finite Element Analysis

The Workshop covered Foundations of Robotics, Automation and Finite Element Analysis along with hands on experience for students of Mechanical Engineering and allied branches. In the workshop following thrust areas were covered:

  • Robotics and its industrial application
  • Pneumatics & hydraulics and its industrial applications will be given an exposure by using Automation Studio simulation software.
  • Basics of FEM along with hands on, using FEM software
  • Components of automation for manufacturing covering discrete event simulation & digital manufacturing

…………..A report