Mechanical Engineering Department, JEC

S.No. Name Interaction with outside world
1. Dr. P.B. Barua Governing body member of Jorhat Law College
Member of a personality Test board for ESE (UPSC)
Recourse person at FDP on recent trends in computational and experimental mechanics at Tezpur university
AICTE Expert Member
2. Dr. P.K. Mahanta Member of steering committee for CEE,2018
Member of Board of Studies, ASTU.
Fellow of Institution of Engineers (Ind)
Life Member of Welding society of India
Life Member of ISTE.
3. Dr. Thuleswar Nath Writing Yoga in Gnyan Jyoti
Yoga Lecture in NCC Camp
Conducting Yoga Camp in IYD
IMC Member inITI, Jorhat
Motivational Talk at Kaziranga University
Member in Vessel Inspection Committee of WRD
Worked as Campus Ambessador during past Elections
Members of ICC, Jorhat Engineering College
Expert Faculty at Diphu polytechnic, Diphu
4. Dr. Rupanjali Nath Member of Board of Studies, ASTU.
5. Dr. Diganta Hatibarah Member of Board of Governors, JEC
TEQIP Co-ordinator, Jorhat Engineering College
6. Mr. Ajoy K. Dutta External Expert at NIEST, Jorhat
External Examiner at Polytechnic Institute, Jorhat.
7. Dr. D.K. Rabha Member of Boards of Studies of Faculty of Energy Engineering.
Member of UNNAT Bharat Abhiyan
Member of ISHRAE.
8. Mr. Mufidur Rahman ICC Member of Jorhat Engineering College
9. Mr. Debarupam Gogoi Life Member(100867) of Indian Sociaty for Technical Education
MEI(149785-5) of The Institution of Engineers (India)
10. Mr. Bijay Roy Co-ordinator of Swatchchh Campus, JEC
11. Dr. Jitender Kundu Reviewed DSIR Projects under PRISM Scheme of MHRD, India
Associate Editor in 4D International journal of Management and Science.
Reviewer of Taylor and Francis Journals
Reviewer for International journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Unnat Bharat training in KURKANI BOSTI
by Dr.Deva Kanta Rabha, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat, Assam on 1st July , 2018.

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Video on Calculation of velocity and acceleration at a point in a connecting rod of a mechanism..

Creator. Mr. Debarupam Gogoi, Assistant Professor, mechanical Engg Department

Technical Talk at Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, Karnataka

Dr. (Mrs.) Rupanjali Nath delivered technical talk on “INNOVATION DIFFUSION- TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION AND ACCEPTANCE” in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malnad College of Engineering on April 13, 2018. Mr. Debarupam Gogoi also delivered a technical talk on Gyroscopic Couple and its Effect.

Paper Presentation

Dr. Deva Kanta Rabha, Assistant Professor of the Department presented a paper entitled “Feasibility Study of the Application of Latent Heat Storage based Energy Storage in Solar dryers” in 2nd International Conference on Energy, Power and Environment, 2018 on 1-2 June, 2018 organized by Electrical Engineering Department, NIT, Shillong.