Hostel No.1

Name-Neumero Uno
Warden-Dr. Champak Kumar Bharali
Contact No-9854223576 / 9101447901
E-mail :
Year of Establishment-1960


  1. Monoj Bora
  2. Nakul Dutta
  3. Ranjit Tati
  4. Biman Bora
  5. Bishal Shyam
  6. Kripal Das (Contractual)
  7. Ashok Paul (Contractual)
  8. Nathuram Balmiki (Contractual)

Hostel 1 also known as Numero Uno, is the oldest hostel of Jorhat Engineering College. It was established on 10th October, 1960 and since then it has been the spawning ground for illustrious engineers who have reached the highest echelons of the corporate world. To bring justification to the status of being the number one, Hostel One has strived to be the best in sports, educations, literacy and it has indeed thrived. The boarders have brought laurels making it a hostel par excellence!

  • It is the first hostel which has been awarded a Ragging Free Certificate in recognition of its earnest attempt to curb the evil practice of ragging.
  • It is the only hostel in JEC on the premises of which a Swahid Bedi was erected in honor of the martyrs of Assam Andolan in the year 1983.
  • It recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee celebrating 50 triumphant years of excellence.
  • It successfully organized a Blood Donation Camp recently in which a substantial number of JOENCOVITES donated blood in an endeavor to give something back to the society.