Hostel No.3

Warden-Mr. Pranabjyoti Haloi
Contact No.9864211962
Year of Establishment-1962


  1. Dimbeswar Bora
  2. Khukheswar Bora
  3. Nabin Saikia
  4. Montu Bora
  5. Jitu Bora
  6. Amiyo Medhi (Gardener)
  7. Ranjit Balmiki (Sweeper)
  8. 8. Nabajyoti Bora (Contractual)

Beholding the legacy of 56 years from the time of its establishment in the year 1962, HOSTEL #3 also known as TRIDENT, serves as a hub of fresh talents, creative minds and clusters of enthusiastic spirits. Trident is not a mere hostel; it is a place of comfort, a bond of friendship and solidarity, a promise of togetherness, a guardian of legacy, a realty of knowing life better and “A HOME FAR AWAY FROM HOME”. Students that have been a part of this legacy are now placed in different corners of the world as great engineering minds and more importantly as morale obliged social being.