Hostel No.9

Warden –Mrs.Dimpi Bora
Cont No.8876581230
E-mail :
Year of Establishment-1988


  1. Hemoprova Borah
  2. Rina Paul
  3. Rana Neog
  4. Bimal Chandra Bora
  5. Nabajit Hatibaruah
  6. Jagat Bhumij
  7. Maina Balmiki (Sweeper)
  8. Utpal Hazarika
  9. Ajit Sarma (Contractual)
  10. Apurba Borah (Contractual)
  11. Bijit Tanti (Contractual)
  12. Ashim Hatibaruah (Contractual)
  13. Babby Balmiki (Sweeper)

Concordia, Hostel 9 is one of the girls’ hostel in the JEC campus with a capacity of 152 boarders. Its contribution in strengthening the role of women in technical sector of the state can never be neglected. The hostel which was established in 1988 under the guardianship of its first superintendent Sukhamoy Das has recently reached its 30th year of success. Concordia, in collaboration with the celebration of “ABUSHAH SHAHI MEMORIAL DAY”, organizes many competitions amongst the children every year thus upholding its responsibility towards the society.