Board of Governors

Govt. Notification No.ATE 253/20/7/48 dated 25th June 2018 & ATE/253/20/7/19 dated 24th September 2018

SI No. Designation Name and Address
1 Chairperson (Nominated by the Govt.) Mr. Abhijit Barooah, Co Chairman, CII, North East Council, Guwahati
2 Member (Nominated by the Govt.) Mr. Subodh Kalita, Chief Scientist, Engineering Science and Technology, CSIR, NEIST, Jorhat
3 Member (Nominated by the Govt.) Dr. Shyamantamoni Hazarika, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept
4 Member (Nominated by the Govt.) Dr. Chitralekha Mahanta, Professor, Electronics and computer Engineering, III, Guwahati
5 Member (Nominated by the Govt.) Mr. Sandip Sanyal, Principal Scientist Head, Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Jorhat
6 Govt. representative (Ex Officio) Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Higher Education (Technical) Dispur, Guwahati
7 Member, AICTE Nominee (Ex Officio)
8 Member, Technical University (Ex Officio) Controller of Examination, Assam Science and Technology University, Guwahati
9 Member Dr. Rupam Baruah, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, JEC
10 Member Dr. Diganta Hatibaruah, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, JEC
11 Member Secretary (Ex Officio) Principal, Jorhat Engineering College