Campus life


On Campus Facility

51 Assam Sqn (Tech) NCC was raised on 04th November 1957 as 2 Assam Air Sqn (Tech) NCC. It was re-designated as 51 Assam Air Sqn(Tech), NCC under Gp HQ in April 1969, since then this unit functioning at Jorhat Engineering College Campus. This unit has three Flights of Senior Division with Cadets from Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology and N N Saikia College, Titabar. In Junior Division there are fourteen Air Troops affiliated to various schools in upper Assam and two Air Troops affiliated to the schools of Arunachal Pradesh. Its total enrolled strength is 1700 against an authorized str of 1700. Presently this unit is commanded by Wg Cdr MK Sharma. The NCC unit of Jorhat Engineering College is now under supervision of Dr. Champak Kumar Bharali, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities. At present unit has a capacity of 100 Senior Division cadet enrolment. This 51 Assam Sqn (Tech) NCC, JEC provides “B” and “C” Certificate. The undergraduate level students can get enrolled for “B” Certificate. The duration of “B” Certificate course is two years, however students having “A” Certificate in school level may complete the “B” Certificate course in one year. Students can get enrolled in “C” Certificate course only after completion of “B” Certificate course. The duration for “C” Certificate course is one year. The cadet enrolment process generally starts in the month of July ;  If a 1st year (1st Semester) B.E  student joins in “B” Certificate course and willing to complete “C” Certificate course too then he can complete his “C” Certificate course in his 3rd Year of B.E course. However a student with “A” certificate can complete the same in his 2nd year of B.E course   Attendance, Course work, Training, Camp and other stipulated activities are strictly maintained in this unit.


JEC Water Supply

Bank Facility

JEC Cooperative Society

To meet the need of the residents and the hostellers JEC has its own water supply system to supply potable water in the campus with the help of the PHC, Jorhat.  The following committee looks after the water supply system:

  1. Mr. Diganta Kalita, Professor In-charge
  2. Dr. Deva Kanta Rabha, Professor In- charge
  3. Mr. Ponaram Bora
  4. Mr. Bhabesh Borah
  5. Mr. Mahendra Kalita
  6. Mr. Khirod Moran
  7. Mr. Bakul Rajkhowa.
A branch of State Bank of India is located in the College Campus. Most of the transactions of the college are done through this branch. Besides the branch facilitates on- line admission, filling up of examination forms etc.
The details of the SBI Branch are-
Branch Manager-Miss. Boshika Negi
Mobile No-8812052934
Special Assistant-Mr. Ranjit Kr. Baruah
Mobile No-9435834996
Customer Associate-Mrs.Santa Deori
Mobile No-9706262018
Supporting Staff-Mr.Ranjan Baruah
Mobile No-9957932545
Name: SBI JEC Branch
Branch code: 18313
IFSC: SBIN0018313

Daily needs such as grocery and other items can be purchased by the members of JEC family from the Jorhat Engineering College Co-operative Stores Limited at reasonable price. This year a newly formed committee has proposed to supply all the necessary grocery items to the hostels. The cooperative monitoring committee is as follows:

  1. Reeta Sarmah, President
  2. Ajoy Krishna Dutta Professor In-Charge
  3. Diganta Kalita Professor In-Charge
  4. Mrinal Dutta, Treasurer
  5. Devakanta Rabha,Treasurer
  6. Pranabjyoti Haloi, Treasurer
  7. Bijoy Deka, Secretary
  8. Hira Dutta. Manager


Jorhat Engineering College Women Cell was established on 26th June 2015 in a general meeting held in the Department of Physic, JEC where Dr. Ranjumoni Saikia and Dr. Aditi Bezbaruah were jointly selected as President.
The Executive Committee:
Adviser : Dr. Reeta Sarmah, Principal, JEC
President : Dr. Aditi Bezbaruah, HOD,Physics
Treasurer: Mrs. Asharani Baruah, Associate Professor
Secretary: Dr. Nayanmoni Chetia, Asstt. Professor
Asstt. Secretary: Mrs. Dimpi Borah

Student Activity



Amidst the whirlpool of technology, gadgets, robots, theorems we were gradually forgetting to write the life twice, to live in the moment and retrospect. A group of enthusiasts among us could hear the calling of those words buried deep beneath within everyone wanting to bleed on paper. To fulfill this purpose they took a baby step and formed ‘The JEC Literary Society’ in March 2016 to let everyone swirl and swing the words which tangle their deep emotions. Envisioned to sharpen the rusted mightiest sword pen they decided to organize various literary competitions on occasion of Engineers day, Vigilance Awareness day, College week and various other occasions. This allowed the students of this premiere institution to understand the purpose of those celebrated days deeply and to express their viewpoints .The team also publishes two newsletters, one ‘Joenco Journal-The JEC souvenir’ which provides a platform and reveals the literary talents of all those hidden poets and writers in our institution. Because of these magazines and newsletters everyone is exposed to the infinite possibilities of their own soul. This has been a great success. This society also holds ‘The Literary Bout’ in the techno-cultural fest of the institution.



Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” William Shakespeare

The above lines have correctly been quoted by Shakespeare. Knowledge is at the forefront of every activity we undertake, in one way or the other. Man has an unending thirst to know more. This thirst is the engine that drives all progress in any field. And so ‘The Quiz Club’ has proved to be the abode where the intellectual abilities of students are refined.  It’s a consortium where knowledge is unlocked at the speed of thought. The club acts as a platform for the student community to experience the sheer joy of jogging one’s grey cells, exercising one’s curiosity, connecting the dots, thinking out-of-the-box, arriving at an answer and expressing it creatively within split seconds while working in teams to win the competitions. It conducts quizzes for many flagship events of the institution such as “Sangram”,”Prashnam” etc., the wildly popular “pub quizzes” ,hosts the “World Quizzing Championship” regional round and other theme based quizzes. It organizes the much awaited “Braingrill-The Quiz Fest of JEC” and other quizzes in the techno-cultural fest of the institution.

The motto of the club is –“Cas Connaisance Est Libre” which means ‘where knowledge is free’.  




Proyas is an Assamese word means ‘continuous endeavor’. It is a voluntary welfare society of Jorhat Engineering College. The Proyas group was formed under the supervision of Dr. Parimal Bakul Barua, Professor and HOD of Mechanical Engineering Department of JEC in 2012. It was formed with the noble aim of disseminating the idea of upliftment of the social and moral responsibility of JOENCOVITES, envisioning the greater perspective of laying the foundation for a better tomorrow. As the name suggests its aim is to promote a cleaner and greener campus and to revive the sense of responsibility, dedication and consciousness among the students. Team Proyas has been tenaciously working towards eradicating social evils, providing aids to flood victims, and fostering civic and moral responsibilities of the students and the entire JEC fraternity alike. Since its inception, it has initiated several cleanliness drives, blood donation drives, flood donation campaigns and plantation programmes and various other events in the campus under its banner. With the ever increasing zest and enthusiasm of the philanthropists of Jorhat Engineering College, it is hoped that Proyas shall continue to spread its aura of goodwill.



Jorhat Engineering College a premier technical institute in North-East India that has contributed more than 50 glorious years for training young budding minds to be the pillars of engineering in the times to come has not been left behind in the field of Robotics. With the persistent efforts of respected principal Dr. Reeta Sarmah and the students Sri Anjan Bora, Sri Ankit Khound, Md. Faheemul Islam and Sri Arnab Kishor Bordoloi a Robotics club, JEC Roboworld was brought into existence in the college in 2016. The concept of Engineering doesn’t end within the boundaries of book covers. A true Engineer is not one who has mastered the theories of the subject but one who knows to apply what he has learnt for the benefit of the society. Roboworld moves forward with this principle vision embedded in the mind of all its members.


This group was formed in the year 2018  under the supervision of Dr. Champak Kumar Bharali Assistant Professor, Humanities Department and  Mr. Diganta Baishya Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department. It was formed with a motive to develop soft skills and general aptitude of the students of the college. Gaining power of effective learning, the art of managing academic as well as extra- curricular and co-curricular activities is the prime goal of this group. As a student steps out of the college, he/she may face the real scenario of the competitive world around him/her, to cope up with this situation a student needs to prepare from his/her college life. Only technical knowledge may not be enough to help him/her to crack interviews, to be leader or an entrepreneur one needs to nurture his/her soft skills and aptitude as well. Sagkatha tries its best to give a platform to explore the inner self of an undergraduate student so that he/she become a professional in true sense of term.


“Let’s work for a better society” –Jagoran is a non-profit making volunteer group of students of Jorhat Engineering College. Its aim is to uplift socio-economic and cultural awareness among the underprivileged section of the society. Human beings are social by nature and being in 21st century human civilization, it is no different. Relatively being privileged, it is duty of the educated people to be aware of the backwards and poor and help them. Started by a group of students in a dorm on 10th September, 2015 this idea flourished to a new level and it is showing tremendous effort in realizing its goals. As a part of its activities the group has been constantly working for the betterment of Dagoan Orphanage (an orphanage near Jorhat town), participated in Blood donation Camp in time to time, organized Plantation drive on occasion of Independence Day, collaborating Flood relief camp and many more. Recently this group opened a stall of food during Phonix’18 and its entire profit is proposed to use for the orphanage care program.



The Jorhat Engineering College GNU/Linux Users Group or the JEC GLUG upholds the international tradition of having a computer users’ group in a technical college. Its objectives are simple: advocate use of free and open source software along with GNU/Linux, computer education, expert technical support, and socialising among computer enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2013, JEC GLUG has organised numerous events, some of which are as follows:

1. Install fests: Mass installations of GNU/Linux in students’ computers, thus enabling them to further their computing skills.

2. Seminars on getting started with GNU/Linux, demonstrations of latest technologies and security issues.

3. Regular classes on particular topics, such as shell scripting.

4. Competitions and exams.




The JEC Debating Society, which was founded in 2016, is undoubtedly one of the most successful societies of our college. Comprising of around 30 members from all departments, its primary focus is towards taking part in two kinds of debates, the Parliamentary form and the Conventional form. We understand that skills like elocution can come with practice, which is why that isn’t our main focus. What we do focus on instead is the ability to think, analyze, how to argue, how to structure arguments and how to build our knowledge base. We aim to make the debaters the best in terms of how well they argue and how convincing they are. We aim to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and a platform that allows for free debate, discussion and airing of all opinions. Apart from the several debates organized during various occasions in our college this society also conducts ‘Mantrana’ which is the Inter-Institutional Debate organized during our techno-cultural festival ‘Phoenix’ and is extremely popular among debate enthusiasts across the state. We participate in debates all across the state, right from the debates organized by the various organizations to the debates held by other engineering colleges as well as other colleges across the state.




 “When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.” ~Jackson Pollock

The Art Club of Jorhat Engineering College was formed in 2016 by some likeminded, dedicated and hardworking students having a common collective goal of promoting arts and craft. This club came up under the supervision of Dr. Thuleswar Nath, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department. Since its inception this club has been successfully organizing  various art galleries and competitions in Jorhat engineering college along with some other colleges and universities. The club has maintaining its legacy as one of its kind organizing various creative activities. It provides the opportunity to those who have a knack for art and activities related to creating art and who aspire to go beyond the usual aesthetics of art. The Art Club of JEC gives a platform to the artistic minds to come forward and enhance their talents and take their dreams of creating art to a new level.



Jorhat Engineering College possesses the unique distinction of being the first educational institution in the entire North East India to have pioneered the publication of its own campus newspaper ‘JECnews’ way back in 1989. Despite being a full time professional college, JEC managed to score this unique record in the journalistic history of Assam and this part of India by publishing the campus newspaper ‘JECnews’, but it was closed because of some technical reasons. After 22 years ‘The JEC Chronicle’ was published in JEC campus. This newsletter is not exactly like JECnews that was published in 1989 but the idea and the motive stood to be the same.



Jorhat Engineering College Photography Club is an amateur photographers’ club. It aims to promote interest in photography among students and do pictorial documentation of the events of the college. Its mission is to promote photography as passion. The photography club conducts seminars, group project and workshop among the interested people.


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