ISTE Students’ Chapter of Jorhat Engineering College is going to celebrate Engineer’s day in honour of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya on 15th September 2016.

Venue : Jorhat Engineering College, New Building

The Schedule of the Engineer’s Day events are as follows:-

1. Inauguration by respected principal madam at 9.45 am.
2. Group discussion competition starting at 10.30 am.
3. 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm break.
4. Presentation competition starting at 1.30 pm.
5. Scrap Heap competition starting at 3.00 pm.
6. Prize distribution ceremony starts at 4.30 pm.

Result of the competition held at Jorhat Engineering College on Engineer’s day, 15th September 2016

a) Group Discussion:
1st prize- Akashdeep Nandi
2nd prize- Dhruba Narayan Sarma

1st prize- Surangana Duarah and Sabyasachi Gogoi
2nd prize- Nandita Das and Chimi Kalita

c) SCRAP HEAP Challenge:
1st prize- Pratick Keshan and Nishant Parasar
2nd prize- Kunal Nath and Diganta Saha