Amidst the whirlpool of technology, gadgets, robots, theorems we were gradually forgetting to write the life twice, to live in the moment and retrospect. A group of enthusiasts among us could hear the calling of those words buried deep beneath within everyone wanting to bleed on paper. To fulfill this purpose they took a baby step and formed ‘The JEC Literary Society’ in March 2016 to let everyone swirl and swing the words which tangle their deep emotions. Envisioned to sharpen the rusted mightiest sword pen they decided to organize various literary competitions on occasion of Engineers day, Vigilance Awareness day, College week and various other occasions. This allowed the students of this premiere institution to understand the purpose of those celebrated days deeply and to express their viewpoints .The team also publishes two newsletters, one ‘Joenco Journal-The JEC souvenir’ which provides a platform and reveals the literary talents of all those hidden poets and writers in our institution. Because of these magazines and newsletters everyone is exposed to the infinite possibilities of their own soul. This has been a great success. This society also holds ‘The Literary Bout’ in the techno-cultural fest of the institution. ‘The Literary Bout’ which is the biggest literary fest in upper Assam in an umbrella of various successful events. Online events were accessible for all students across the nation taking this society to a whole new level. This society is being able to serve its calling of burning the flame of good writing which is able to evoke sensation in the readers-not the fact it is raining, but the feeling that it is rained upon.