The above lines have correctly been quoted by Shakespeare. Knowledge is at the forefront of every activity we undertake, in one way or the other. Man has an unending thirst to know more. This thirst is the engine that drives all progress in any field.

And so ‘The Quiz Club of Jorhat Engineering College’ has proved to be the abode where the intellectual abilities of students are refined. It’s a consortium where knowledge is unlocked at the speed of thought. The club acts as a platform for the student community to experience the sheer joy of jogging one’s grey cells, exercising one’s curiosity, connecting the dots, thinking out-of-the-box, arriving at an answer and expressing it creatively within split seconds while working in teams to win the competitions. It conducts quizzes for many flagship events of the institution such as “Sangram”,”Prashnam” etc., the wildly popular “pub quizzes” ,hosts the “World Quizzing Championship” regional round and other theme based quizzes. It organizes the much awaited “Braingrill-The Quiz Fest of JEC” and other quizzes in the techno-cultural fest of the institution.

The motto of the club says –“Cas Connaisance Est Libre” which means ‘where knowledge is free’.