1. Project Objectives:The Project will focus on the following objectives

  • Strengthening institutions in terms of infrastructure.
  • Strengthening institutions in terms of faculty competence and quality of teaching, research and consultancy.
  • Strengthening institutions in terms of academics to improve learning outcomes and employ ability of students.

2. Funding pattern:
The financial allocation to each Government and Government aided Polytechnic is restricted to be in the range of Rs.5.00 crore and for Government and Government aided degree engineering institution the allocation will be Rs. 7.00 crore.

3. Project Monitoring and Reviews:
Project will be reviewed and monitored continuously by institutional project unit, by Mentor appointed under the project & BOG. The time bound progress reports will be submitted to AICTE by the institutions.

3.1 Mentoring:
Mentoring is a strengthening mechanism by the third party at the institutional level. Mentors will be appointed to provide clear guidance on reforms, implementations plans, and remedial actions to improve performance of the institutions. Mentors will be assigned to all project institutions to provide continuous guidance for Project implementation they may visit project institutions twice or thrice in a year based on institutional requirements. The Mentors will also act as the Performance Auditors at different Institutions and asses the progress made by individual Institutions.

3.2 Institutional Level Implementation Arrangements:
The Project at the Institutional level will be managed by two bodies (i) the Board of Governors (BoG) and (ii) an Institutional Project Unit.

Board of Governors (BoG):
The BoG will monitor progress in the carrying out of all the proposed activities, resolve bottlenecks, and enable the Institution to achieve targets for all key indicators. It will ensure proper utilization of Project fund and timely submission of Progress Reports and Utilization Certificates.

Institutional Project Unit:
Each Institution will form an Institutional Project Unit (IPU) with appropriate representation from academic officials of the Institution, faculty, senior administrative officers, technical and non-technical support staff and students. The Institutional Project Unit will operate through required committees for effective and time bound implementation of the proposed activities as proposed in the project proposal