Humanities and Social Science is both topically and methodologically is a broad discipline. In Jorhat Engineering College it is a supporting department with vibrant academic entity, where five subjects are introduced independently. The subjects of this department are – Accountancy, Management, Communication and Professional Skills, Economics and Sociology. The very name Humanities suggests that it paves the way towards the study of managerial skills, society, culture, communications and numerous other aspects of human life. It intends to give the students a broad understanding of socio-cultural background of the contemporary society and outlook which is necessary to become aware and well informed citizen to enrich their personal, professional and social life. It uses various methods of minute and empirical investigations to develop understanding with an auspicious goal to apply the acquired knowledge for the welfare of the society.


Develop holistic approach promoting rigorous thinking for societal growth


  • To equip students with professional skills and knowledge to excel in professional career.
  • To focus on managerial and leadership quality to cope up with ethical and professional development.
  • To inspire critical thinking, possess dynamic oral and written communication skills to become global citizen.