The Jorhat Engineering College GNU/Linux Users Group, or the JEC GLUG upholds the international tradition of having a computer users’ group in a technical college. Its objectives are simple: advocate use of free and open source software along with GNU/Linux, computer education, expert technical support, and socialising among computer enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2013, JEC GLUG has organised numerous events, some of which are as follows:

1. Install fests: Mass installations of GNU/Linux in students’ computers, thus enabling them to further their computing skills.
2. Seminars on getting started with GNU/Linux, demonstrations of latest technologies and security issues.
3. Regular classes on particular topics, such as shell scripting.
4. Competitions and exams.

GLUG understands that our society is technology driven, hence generating computer awareness is a priority, with Engineering students irrespective of their discipline as the prime focus. GLUG believes in free software and education, and strives to provide both, all the while having fun.

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