Beyond Academic

Jorhat Engineering College has a very vibrant extra-curricular culture with various committees organizing an entire spectrum of events catering to varied interests and hobbies and also serving as avenues to achieve recognition. Apart from providing an essential break from academic rigor, it is the domain of extra-curricular activities that is frequently credited for the creation of leaders and an imparting of a holistic education. Extra-curricular students’ activities range from sports and student publications to the entire gamut of the performing arts – music, dramatics, photography, fine arts, debating and much more.


Annual College Week

The annual college week is organised by the Student Union of Jorhat Engineering College under the supervision of college authority. Various sports, literary, cultural events, like Technical Debates, Group Discussions, Presentations, Stage Plays, Mimes, Creative Writings, and Interactive Online/Offline Games etc. are held during the week in the college premises. It also encourages and prepares the interested students for participation in various sports competitions at state &


Technical Society

In order to bring about professional awareness and competence among our students, the ISTE student chapter, Jorhat Engineering College have been established and are functioning well in the College. The society is responsible for organizing various seminars, Workshops, technical events etc and also invites Academic and Industrial experts to deliver Technical and Motivational sessions.





The Annual Techno Cultural Festival of Jorhat Engineering College, celebrates innovation and technical skill, providing an interface between students, academia and industry. With participants from about 50 colleges of the region , PHOENIX has been a very good platform for the students of this part to outcast their talent in the field of Quizzing, Debating, Robotics, Gaming, Dance, Fashion Show, Music and more.




The voluntary welfare society, of Jorhat Engineering College was incepted in 2012 with the noble aim of disseminating the idea of upliftment of the social and moral responsibility of JOENCOVITES, envisioning the greater perspective of laying the foundation for a better tomorrow. As the name suggests, Proyas is an endeavour “of the students, by the students, for the students (for the entire JEC family to be more appropriate!)” to promote a cleaner and greener campus and to revive the sense of responsibility and consciousness among the students. Team Proyas has been tenaciously working towards eradicating social evils and fostering civic and moral responsibilities of the students and the entire JEC fraternity alike.