The incidences of ragging in the educational institutions have become a matter of serious concern for all right thinking people of all walks of life. The incidences of ragging have not only ruined the careers of many young students but also severely affected their families.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has issued clear and strict directives to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the UGC to curb this menace of ragging which in turn has also been communicated to educational institutions for strict adherence.

As per the directives of the highest court of the country and the recommendation of the Raghavan Committee, Jorhat Engineering College has been taking very strong and effective measures against ragging, some of which are as stated below:

  • Display of posters at the prominent places in the University informing the students to abstain from ragging.
  • Circulation of the report of the Raghavan Committee constituted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India amongst the students.
  •  Constitution of Anti Ragging Committee, Anti Ragging Squad, Vigilance Committees etc.
  • Affidavit from the students and their parents/guardians to the effect that they are aware of the University’s stand towards ragging.

Dr. Reeta Sarmah
Jorhat Engineering College


 An Anti-Ragging Committee is in place in the college to adopt appropriate measures on any ragging related matters if reported by the Anti-ragging Squad/any student victim/victim parents. All such cases, if found, will be tried to resolve by the committee through discussions and unsettled cases are forwarded to the District Administration. The Anti-ragging Committee has the following structure:

  1. Principal, Jorhat Engineering College: Chairman
  2. P. B. Barua, Prof & Head, Mechanical Engineering Department, Member
  3. P. K. Khaund, Prof & Head, Mechanical Engineering Department, Member
  4. Rupam Baruah, Head, Computer Science & Engineering Department, Member
  5. (Mrs) Nilanjana Baruah, Prof & Head, Electrical Engineering & Inst, Member
  6. (Mrs) Aditi Bezbaruah, Head, Physics Department, Member
  7. Representative of District Administration (Home)
  8. General Secretary, JECSU
  9. Assistant General Secretary, JECSU
  10. Parents Representatives (2nos)
  11. Fresher’s Representatives (2nos, male-1, female-1)
  12. Non-teaching staff
    1. Sri Kalyan Bora, Supervisor Instructor (i/c), Workshop
    2. Nabanita Bhattacharya, Student Branch

The members take up any issues as per guidelines of AICTE, New-Delhi.

A number of monitoring cells in each hostel are formed having one senior member as mentor of two freshers. The mentoring Cell will cooperate with anti-ragging committee if any situation arises.


 Keeping in view of new admission ahead, an anti-ragging Squad is formed for JEC: 2018-19 for preparing future activities with the following members:

  1. Principal, Jorhat Engineering College: Chairman
  2. P. B. Barua, Prof & Head, Mechanical Engineering Department, Member
  3. P. K. Khaund, Prof & Head, Civil Engineering Department, Member
  4. Champak Kumar Bharali, Superitendent, H-1-Member
  5. Joydip Kumar Sarmah, Superitendent, H-2-Member
  6. Pranabjyoti Haloi, Superitendent, H-3-Member
  7. Diganta Kalita, Superitendent, H-4-Member
  8. Devakanta Rabha, Superitendent, H-5-Member
  9. Papumoni Saikia, Superitendent, H-6-Member
  10. Mrinal Dutta, Superitendent, H-7-Member
  11. Bijoy Roy, Superitendent, H-8-Member
  12. Dimpi Bora, Superitendent, H-9-Member
  13. Ajoy Krishna Dutta, Superitendent, H-10-Member
  14. Abhijit Hazarika, Civil engineering Department, Member
  15. All the Members of JECSU, Members
  16. All the Monitors of Hostels-1 to 10, : Members
  17. All the Members of PROYAS Group: Members
  18. The Officer-in-charge, Garamur Police Outpost: Member