Department of Mechanical Engineering



Dr. Parimal Bakul Barua
Phone No. 9435091412
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The department of Mechanical Engineering was introduced in the college in the year 1961 with an initial intake capacity of 15 students per year. It was subsequently increased to present class size of 90 students. Over the years, the department has earned a place of high repute through its quality teaching and rigorous practical training.

The department has a strength of three Professors, six Asst. Professors, thirteen Lecturers and six technicians. The faculties comprise of specialised persons in designs, Dynamics, Fluid machineries, Non conventional energy, Quality control, Fluid dynamics, Operation research, Industrial Engineering, Pollution, Production Systems, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Robotics etc. They have published several technical papers in prestigious National and International Journals and International Conferences.

Vision and Mission of Department of Mechanical Engineering



To emerge as a centre of excellence in mechanical engineering and maintain it through continuous effective teaching-learning process and need-based research.



M1: To adopt effective teaching-learning processes to build students capacity and enhancing their skills.

M2: Nurture the students to adapt to the changing academic needs and industrial aspirations.

M3: To develop professionals to meet industrial and societal challenges.

M4: To motivate students for entrepreneurial ventures for nation-building.


 Programme Educational Objectives of MED


PEO1: Gain basic domain knowledge, expertise and self-confidence for employment, advanced studies, R&D, entrepreneurial ventures activities, and facing challenges in professional life.


PEO2: Develop, improve and maintain effective domain based systems, tools and techniques that socioeconomically feasible and acceptable and transfer those technologies/developments for improving quality of life.


PEO3: Demonstrate professionalism through effective communication skill, ethical and societal commitment, team spirit, leadership quality and get involved in life-long learning to realize career and organisational goal and participate in nation building.


Programme specific objectives:


PSO1: Capable to establish a career in Mechanical and interdisciplinary areas with the commitment to the society and the nation.


PSO2: Graduates will be armed with engineering principles, analysing tools and techniques and creative ideas to analyse, interpret and improve mechanical engineering systems.