Guest House Incharge : Dr. Mrinal Kumar Dutta
Associate Professor
Jorhat Engg. College
Phone : 9954420995

Guest House Supervisor : Mr. Abijit Hazarika
Civil Engineering Department
Jorhat Engg. College
Phone : 9954465650

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Rules and Regulations Governing the Guest House Jorhat Engineering College


The Guest House accommodation shall be available under the following categories:

  1. College guests / Special invitees for specific college events;
  2. Newly appointed faculty members (for a limited period);
  3.  Parents/guardians of students and relatives of employees/ Alumni (conditions apply)
  4. Any other guests as approved by the Competent Authority.

Requisition form is available at college guest house/ college website

General Rules

  1. Booking of room(s) can be made by filling the prescribed form and submitting it to the In charge/supervisor in advance (preferably 3 days). The allotment of rooms shall be generally done on the “first come, first served” basis.
  2. Accommodation in the Guest House may be made up to a maximum of seven days. When accommodation is required for more than seven days, special permission of the Principal shall be required.
  3. Newly appointed staff/faculty members may be provided accommodation for a maximum period of 15 days with due permission of Principal.
  4. The Guest(s) shall not accommodate any additional member(s) in the room without permission of the in charge.
  5. The college shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of the belongings of the occupant during his/her stay in the Guest House.
  6. Any cancellation of reservation shall have to be informed to the Incharge / Supervisor in writing or over phone at least 24 hours before the otherwise scheduled time of occupation, failing which room rent shall be levied.
  7. The occupants shall place order for breakfast/lunch/dinner to the Caretaker well in advance. In case of cancellation of order, the Caretaker has to be intimated before three hours of the serving time. Otherwise, payment has to be made for the ordered items.
  8. The Guest House management reserves the right to cancel a booking, refuse accommodation or change the room(s) allotted to a person or persons without assigning any reason(s) thereof.
  9. Service Schedule:        a) Breakfast 7.30 am to 9.00 am    b) Lunch 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm     c) Dinner 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm
  10. The use of alcoholic beverages in the Guest House premises is strictly prohibited.
  11. The occupants shall have to maintain peace and tranquility in the Guest House complex.
  12. Drying of clothes on the verandah or any areas other than those specified for the purpose, shall not be allowed.
  13. Cleanliness has to be maintained in and around the Guest House. Dust bins are placed in appropriate places for disposal of refuses.
  14. Any request for official/private events will have to be made to the Principal through guest house management committee. The prescribed fee for such event has to be made full in advance.
  15. Check-out time shall be 12 Noon.

Download Guest House accommodation form