The Greek Philosopher Aristotle writes ..”If every tool ,when ordered ,or even of its own accord ,could do the work that befits it .. then there would be no need either of apprentices for the master workers or of slaves for the lords.” ..hinting how nice it would be to have few robots around.

The robotics club of JEC is a student-run club on campus with an active participation of around 100 students. Our club was initiated in the year 2010.We bring together like-minded students from all the departments in our college to have fun building robots. JEC Roboworld provides an opportunity for students to supplement their education with hands-on experience in integration engineering. It offers indispensible guidance, workshops and tutorials along with tools, equipments, components and workspace. The family meets periodically to discuss over matters such as the management of the workspace, workshops, projects and competitions. We welcome anyone, with or without prior knowledge, who wishes to be a part of this fraternity. We firmly believe in working in a planned, organized and disciplined manner that helps us in risk free management. The proceedings of the club are all pre-planned and run smoothly according to the rules. Well defined goals, an organized and disciplined work structure and motivated members are the features of the club that have helped the club to grow to a level where we see it now. The club today is an active platform for students to display and develop their practical machine building skills and knowledge.